Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with Barrier Gate

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras work well for barrier gate control because they are designed specifically for identifying and reading license plates on vehicles. Here are some of the reasons why ANPR cameras work well for barrier gate control:

Accuracy: ANPR cameras are designed to be highly accurate, even in challenging lighting or weather conditions. This means that they can reliably read license plates on vehicles, even if the plates are dirty, damaged, or obscured.

Speed: ANPR cameras can quickly read license plates on vehicles as they approach the barrier gate, without requiring any manual input from the driver or security personnel. This makes the process of authorizing vehicles to enter or exit a secure area fast and efficient.

Integration: ANPR cameras can be easily integrated with access control systems to provide seamless barrier gate control. The cameras can be configured to recognize specific license plates or to check against a database of authorized vehicles, and can deny access to any vehicles that do not meet the criteria.

Security: ANPR cameras can enhance the security of a facility by providing a record of all vehicles that enter or exit a secure area. This can help to deter criminal activity, and can provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident.

Cost-effective: ANPR cameras are a cost-effective solution for barrier gate control, particularly when compared to manual methods of checking and authorizing vehicles. The cameras require minimal maintenance and can operate 24/7 without the need for human intervention.


Customize Systems for Your Site

We put more than 20 years of collective experience to good use to supply, install and maintain ANPR and security systems that meet the specific needs of your site. Whether we install a new system or integrate a solution with your existing security infrastructure, we’ll find the best fit.

A fully automated vehicle and parking management system

Whether you need to park four cars or 400, we have the expertise to design and implement the most efficient parking management systems for commercial and industrial sites.

ANPR systems integrated with your existing setup

We supply and install everything from 4G-linked smart cameras for small car parks to multi-camera systems for more complex sites. Our ANPR systems integrate with existing software for a complete solution.

On hand for any support, maintenance, or fault-finding

Whatever help you need, our team is on hand to provide ongoing support, fault-finding and pre-emptive maintenance to keep your security systems at their best.


ANPR Solution (Automatics Number Plate Recognition)

is an advanced technology which automatically and quickly recognizes vehicles’ color, license plate numbers and its relevant features for both multiple verification for higher security level while maintaining high efficiency of car park entrance and exit management.

Relying on big image data and well train deep-learning models, the ANPR engine includes following features

● High Recognition Rate – 95%-98% with alphanumeric number plates
● Fast Recognition – The full reading process takes around 100 milliseconds
● Cost-effective Technology – Outstanding price/performance ratio

Parking Access with Automatic Number Plate Recognition

BGT’s Automatics Number Plate Recognition Solution is always your optimal choice for car park management. It recognizes Vehicle’s Number Plate, Car Type, Manufacturer and Color. Vehicles are only granted access upon matching all information in the database.

System Topology Diagram

Remark: Supported Online & Offline Mode

Dahua ANPR CCTV Barrier Entrance

How does ANPR work with the Parking Access System (ANPR+PAS)?

BGT’s Automatics Number Plate Recognition Parking Access Solution (ANPR+PAS) technology is a computer video image recognition technology applied in license plate recognition. Upon vehicles’ arrival at the carpark entrance, ANPR camera automatically scans license plate characters and identifies license plate numbers, colors and other relevant information. If the numbers on license plates are valid, barriers will be lifted for access, otherwise no access will be allowed.

Anti-counterfeiting Number Plate System

With computer vision and deep learning algorithms, the system’s anti-counterfeiting ability has been greatly improved and is able to prevent fake number plate, photo & video. Manually handheld number plates are easily recognized and rejected by the ANPR system, users are only allowed to exit by driving the same vehicle with the exact same number plate.

Higher efficiency of carpark entrance

Thank to Dahua’s ANPR technology, the system can quickly recognize theNumber plate with 3-6 meters with moving speed of 30km/h, it improve the efficiency of the guard house access

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