Automate your door using our wide range of Automatics Door Opener

Automatic doors are a type of access control system that are typically used to regulate pedestrian traffic in and out of a facility.


The automatic door opener is typically installed on the door frame or the wall near the door, and it is connected to the door itself using a mechanism such as a sliding arm or a track. When activated, the automatic door opener will open the door and hold it open for a set period of time before closing it again.

Automatic door openers are commonly used in various settings such as commercial buildings, hospitals, and Production Floor for air flow control purposes. They are especially useful for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues who may have difficulty opening and closing doors manually.


They can also be equipped with various safety features such as motion sensors or obstacle detection systems that help to prevent accidents or injuries caused by doors closing on individuals.

Sliding Door (Top Hang Type)

Swing Door (Top Hang Type)

Swing Door (Underfloor Type)

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