FLB140 motorized flap barrier is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed at the entrance of a building with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized access while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Users with luggage can pass through easily. FLB140 is the least maintenance among all pedestrian gates.

A nice entrance is important to give the right first impression to visitors. What if you wanted to get premium looking gate but don’t have the budget to buy an imported European brand? FLB140 modern streamlined design can match with any interior design to elevate the contemporary ambient of your building entrance.


Balanced affordability
We removed all unnecessary components, simplified the control panel and upgrade the higher grade hairline polished stainless steel to make FLB140 look premium but without the expensive price tag. Carefully optimized design ensure FLB140 still more than enough to cater to the typical traffic flow of an industrial, commercial and residential building.

Save more money in the long run
We designed FLB140 to have the smallest mechanical trajectory path so that it is the most efficient among all the pedestrian gates that we have. Reduced mechanical wear will lower down maintenance thus cutting down your long-term ownership cost.

It works as good as it look
Every motor that bears MAG brand go through robust burn in process to ensure it is durable before we install into FLB140.

Up and running most of the time
MAG offers full spare parts and repairing service at an affordable. Board, sensors and mechanical parts are designed to be modular so that they can be replaced easily without any highly qualified engineer.

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