MAG FR330 is a dynamic face recognition reader built-in with an advanced biometric tracking algorithm for faster and more accurate face detection. The readers can be mounted beside a door or mounted on top of the turnstile with a bracket. It is suitable for use in the pedestrian gate or door access in an office building, school, hospital, airport, condominium, factory, etc

Live biometric security
“Live face” detection rejects printed or displayed photos to ensure real genuine identity.
Enter with or without mask
No more hassle to remove mask when entering.
No more worry on lighting differences

Latest trend contemporary lighting looks nice but most of the time not bright enough for face recognition. FR320’s advanced Extra-wide lighting EWL algorithm automatically compensates the lighting to ensure optimum recognition accuracy despite dim or bright ambient differences anywhere in the building.

Fast & easy enrolment

You only need to capture your photo once from a webcam. Then use MagEtegra ME-ACS to transfer or delete face templates across multiple readers with just a few clicks. Compared to other brands, we save you the big hassle of manually registering your face at every reader.

What makes us different?

Following are some technology highlights for FR330.

Advanced security made simpler

MagEtegra ME-ACS makes a complicated advanced technology such as face recognition so easy to use even for a non-IT person. You can assign access permission for a long list of users and generate a comprehensive report effortlessly. Come with flexible localized 4 shifts time attendance to the small or big office.

One-Face all the way
Just use your face starting from the pedestrian gate at the lobby, entering the lift to choose your floor, arriving at your office main door and clocking in for your time attendance.

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