20 years of experience in offering state-of-the-art security solutions for digital transformation

BGT's purpose is to creating safer environment for people so that they can live and work happily.

Improved security and increased efficiency in operations through theft prevention, real-time monitoring, AI video analytics, barrier access control, automated barrier gate control, automated pedestrian gates control, license plate recognition, and integration with other systems.

BGT's Vision

To let everyone working & living with peace of mind

BGT’s Mission

Enhance eficiency and security to every organization or person through innovative hardware, knowledge and services

Our Total Access Control & Monitoring Solution

Combines Vehicle Flow Access Control, People Flow Access Control, and Ultra High Resolution Ai CCTV Analytics to provide a comprehensive Control & Monitoring System under one platform. Features include

How to improve your Guard House Barrier Gate System?

Just imagine if you have only one time to improve your guard house Barrier Gate System, and you have budget concerns. Do you still want to take risks and design the guard house barrier gate system on your own? Don't let your neighbour blame you in future if you invest the budget in the wrong solution. The good news is, you actually can hire an expert to design for you and it can be free if you stay tuned here.

How to preventing cloned card compromise you Guard House Access Control System??

Imagine someone compromising your Guard House Access Control System by using cloned cards. Are your neighbors unknowingly using these cloned cards and contributing to the maintenance of the guard house? Learn how to prevent cloned cards from compromising your security with our help.

See True Colour at night?

Most crime happens at night. Our long life black IR LED provides 30 meter consistent illumination. Dahua Starlight or True Colour technology is able to capture more lights to produce clearer images. Thank to Smart Dual Illumination with built-in warm light and IR LED able to capture in 50m and provide color view and high definition image during night time

Faster evidence search?

Dahua UHD Video Recorder offers a smart search function. This function allows you to search by Areal by date, by hours and by minute. The Smart Search gives you a preview to assist you find the exact point of the crime incident faster instead of searching the whole video second-by-second.

Bypass zone on your mobile?

Paradox Insite Gold mobile app allows you to bypass all broken sensors (open zone) so your house can remain secured until you come back to fix the damaged sensor.

Monitoring over internet?

With Paradox Insite GOLD mobile apps, you can receive push notifications instantly on your phone when an alarm triggers at your home/office. Each triggered zone is displayed with a label instead of just numbers. You can control (arm or disarm) and monitor your house from anywhere and anytime at your convenience with the Paradox IP150 Internet Module installed.


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