Top Hang type Sliding Automatic door opener is typically installed on the door frame or the wall near the door, and it is connected to the door itself using a mechanism such as a sliding track. When activated, the automatic door opener will open the door and hold it open for a set period of time before closing it again. Normally it will be equipped with various safety features such as motion sensors or obstacle detection systems that help to prevent accidents or injuries caused by doors closing on individuals.

Heavy-duty Motor

Adopting heavy-duty brushless motor with a long service life & larger torque.

Built-in Control Unit

Easy adjust sliding door precision move according door size & weight.


High reliability synchronous belt, drive door toward and backward with help of hanger.


Adjustable door hanger and clamp type door support even heavier glass door with smooth operation on the railway.
High Power Brushless Motor
Adopting a modern design, uses a globally trusted high-power brushless motor and brand new mechanical components.

Suitable for Heavy-duty Use
Designed to take oversized or heavy doors & suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications such as large feature doors or large factory doors.

Maximum Door Weight
Maximum support door weight up to 250KG.

Dimension Drawings (mm)

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