SWB103 motorized swing barrier is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed at the building entrance with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized access while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Users with luggage or wheelchair can pass through easily. SWB103 offer the widest opening with smallest form factor among all pedestrian gate.

More robust to last longer
Built-in Automatic Rebounce system  protects door leaf and gearbox from being easily damaged when someone kicks the door by force as vandalism attempt. ARS senses and channels out the brute force. SWB103 uses DC brushless motor to achieve ZERO maintenance thus minimising your servicing cost.

Safety first
During a power failure, the swing barrier will automatically open up to avoid blocking the passage. The swing barrier will automatically close back after the power resume. You can trigger the swing barrier to open permanently until the fire alarm is disabled. You can add optional SWB_RL railing with a safety IR beam to auto-reverse the gate upon detecting an obstacle in the passageway to avoid hitting on the user that requires more effort.

Easier to accommodate project schedule
Unforeseen delay is common in most projects. You are worried about the extra storage/penalty cost if the gate arrives too early or too late. No more worry, MAG will keep stock for you. Just call us to collect the gate anytime when your site is ready. All gate is 100% QC tested as per our ISO9001 procedure just before your collection.

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