SWB310 motorized swing barrier is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed at the entrance of the building with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized access while maintaining an elegant atmosphere. Users with luggage or wheelchair can pass through easily. SWB310 is the most elegant and slimmest type among all our pedestrian gates.

A prestigious entrance can immediately impress all visitors and make the tenant feel proud. What if you can still achieve this without the expensive cost of a European brand? SWB310 stylish concept can enhance any interior design to the next level of elegance thus increasing the perceived sales or rental value of any building.

Why slimmer is the better?
The slim form factor saves space thus allowing more gates to be installed. We use the transparent panel on most of the SWB310 body so that it can blend well into any decoration without looking cluttered. SWB310 can add some vibrant to the otherwise dull atmosphere in the lobby with illuminated light within the transparent panel.

Work faster yet can last longer
SWB310 uses a high-speed DC brushless motor to achieve ZERO maintenance while still able to handle high people traffic swiftly to avoid long stressful queues during peak hours.

Safety comes first while remain secured
The door panel will auto reverse to avoid hitting pregnant, elderly or handicapped person that might need more effort to pass through. All panels will turn Red with an alarm buzzer to alert unauthorized users, tailgating or incorrect access direction attempts so that the security guard can react immediately on the spot.

Easier to accommodate project schedule
Unforeseen delay is common in most projects. You are worried about the extra storage/penalty cost if the gate arrives too early or too late. No more worry, MAG will keep stock for you. Just call us to collect the gate anytime when your site is ready. All gate is 100% QC tested as per our ISO9001 procedure just before your collection.

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